Are you diagnosed with MS? – We might be able to help...

Have you been diagnosed with MS, Multiple sclerosis? Then you have probably searched every corner of the internet, literature and magazines for information about the disease and different treatments. Unfortunately there is no cure as of today, but several medicines that slow down the progression of the disease and different treatments that reduce or stop the symptoms are available.

Our treatment - Birgitta Brunes method

Brunes Pharm AB works with MS-treatment/rehabilitation since 1994. The doctors that work here have personal experience of MS. We have courses for MS-patients. These are usually 10 days on a small conference centre in the countryside 1.5 hour-drive from Stockholm. We work with psychological factors (feelings, stress etc.), social factors and medical treatment. These three factors are combined into an individual treatment plan.

After the course you can continue the medical treatment with the doctor you have been treated by during the course.